MTA was happy to participate in Bike Walk Macon’s Open Streets Macon. It doesn’t get any better on a Sunday afternoon in Macon when people and bikes rule the streets! Sparky, MTA’s beloved electric bus, brightened up Boulevard along with the 1000-watt smile of popular bus operator, Mr. Vernon Franklin.

Sparky attended the event to remind everyone that all MTA fixed route buses have a bike rack for your convenience, so important in an urban setting for the first and last mile!

If you have any questions about any aspect of MTA’s service, please call 803-2504/2505, and our friendly staff is ready to assist and answer questions. Check out more photos on our corner of the Open Streets Macon universe on Sunday, September 12 on our Facebook page, Macon-Bibb County Transit Authority.

All MTA buses, like Sparky have bike racks capable of holding two bikes,
which is particularly convenient for the first and last mile of travel. The bikes are easily
secured on the rack and MTA’s friendly drivers are there to assist.