Committed to systematically replacing its aging fleet, MTA received four (4) new Eldorado Passport-HD low-floor cutaway buses this week. MTA CEO Craig Ross, notes, “Out of necessity, over the past two-and-a-half years we have replaced 19 buses.”

Ross adds, “Macon-Bibb County deserves vehicles that operate efficiently and provide safety and comfort for our riders. We’re an essential service that’s never been down for one day since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared in March. People count on us for their travel needs, from their most basis errands like the doctor, pharmacy, and grocery store, to shopping and recreation.”This makes eight (8) new buses that MTA will roll out this year:

1. Two (2) New Flyer Xcelsior HD-35 buses began service on September 14.

2. On October 16 MTA unveiled “Sparky” & “Bolt” two new zero-emission buses manufactured by BYD (Build Your Dreams), set to begin service in mid-November.

3. These four (4) Eldorado Passport-HD buses. Get to Know the Passport-HD: Manufactured by: ENC in Riverside, California. Length: 35 feetWeight: 29,900 lbs. Capacity: 21 passengers + 3 wheelchairs or 31 passengers + standees Passport-HD buses have a nearly flat entrance to make entry/exit, especially for wheelchairs, as easy as possible and are equipped with a front-end bike rack.

MTA Director of Maintenance and Parts, Tony Woodard, says, “We are pleased to expand the number of new vehicles in our fleet and expect to have the four Passport-HDs on the road within the next two weeks.”