What’s a Smart Card?

A new, more efficient way to buy rides for travel on all Macon Transit Authority (MTA) Fixed Route buses. 

In our continuous effort to modernize and enhance efficiency and convenience, the MTA introduced Smart Cards in September 2019.

Where and When Can a Smart Card Be Purchased?

For a one-time purchase fee of $5.00, riders may initially purchase a Smart Card and simultaneously upload fares at the kiosk located in the MTA Transfer Center. For the first Smart Card purchase, riders will pay $5.00 plus the cost of the ride or ride package. 

For example: a general rider who buys a 20 Ride Pass will pay $5.00 + $20.00 for a total of $25.00. See chart below. 

The Transfer Center is located at 200 Cherry Street, next to Macon’s Terminal Station, beside the large, colorful murals, and across from the Tubman Museum. Smart Cards are available for purchase and uploading whenever the MTA Transfer Station is open. 

MTA Transfer Station Hours

Monday – Friday 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.  

Saturday 6:00 a.m.  – 7:00 p.m. 

Closed on Sunday

How Does the Smart Card Work?

Out with paper ticketing and in with the self-service ticketing technology that Smart Card provides! While riders can quickly and easily upload fares at the kiosk inside the Transfer Station, as always, MTA supervisors are on hand to answer questions and offer assistance, when needed. 

Smart Card Prices by Category

4 Ride Pass – $5          10 Ride Pass  – $10       20 Ride Pass – $20
31 Ride Pass – $50

Students  20 Ride Pass – $12.50

Seniors/Disability  10 Ride Pass – $10.00

Seniors/Disability  10 Ride Pass – $6.00

Rider Category Notes

·  Children who are shorter than the bus fare box may ride MTA’s fixed route buses FREE of charge. 

·  Student: a child taller than the fare box through 12th grade.

·  College students are considered General Riders. 

·  Senior: 62 years of age and older.

·  A rider with a disability is different than one who qualifies for ParaTransit. 

·  There are no multiple passes for ParaTransit riders who pay $2.50 per ride. 

·  Students and Seniors must purchase their Smart Cards and additional uploads from an MTA supervisor inside the Transfer Center, which requires identification. 


Riders are able to pay for Smart Cards with cash or a credit card. Cash can be used at the kiosk, but a credit card purchase requires the rider to buy a Smart Card directly from an MTA supervisor wearing a blue shirt. As stated in the Rider Category Notes, Students and Seniors must also make their purchases directly from an MTA supervisor. We appreciate the public’s patience in the first few days of Smart Card sales. The MTA will have additional staff on-hand to assist with questions and the surge in sales.