Last week, MTA posted a story about our faithful security guard, Edward, who is stationed at the historic Terminal Station each day. A woman in the building saw Edward praying with a man. Surprised and touched, she snapped a couple of photos, and thinking he was a Bibb sheriff’s deputy, notified the Bibb Sheriff’s Office, who notified me.

Inquiring minds wanted to know why Edward was locked in prayer with the man, and today we learned what spawned his show of support. Edward said that the man was in pain, specifically had severe back pain and that his praying with him was a spontaneous act, not something he had done before in a situation like that.

Edward explained that he hoped the simple act of praying with the man and showing support might help.

That’s just Edward – diligent, always kind — and stern when he needs to be. I was there recently when a workman tried to enter the Terminal Station without a mask. However, both the Terminal Station and MTA have a mandatory mask policy. Edward quietly told the young man he couldn’t enter without a mask, and when the man didn’t have one, Edward handed him a mask from his backpack. The man cooperated and put it on without incident. Law enforcement can be tough and tender, and MTA is fortunate that Edward is both.