Quick Reminder — MTA Has a New Route (as of November 2020): Second Street Corridor with MTA’s most famous bus, “Sparky!” Or as we like to say, “Sparky on Second.”

Here’s Sparky’s route, with the first stop ever inside the campus of Coliseum Medical Centers.

Sparky Operates Monday-Friday

Departs Terminal Station 6:00 a.m.Finishes at Terminal Station 7:00 p.m.

The 8-mile Second Street Corridor route is 1-hour long with 30 stops:

Embark at Terminal Station1. MLK Blvd. at Cherry Street (new Art Stop)2. Poplar St. at Third St. (Dannenberg Lofts) 3. Poplar at Ocmulgee Outfitters4. Second & Plum St.5. Second & Pine St.6. Second & Arch St.7. Second & Hawthorne St.8. Second & Hazel St.9. Bridge Stop (between Second St. & Edgewood Ave., becomes Little Richard Penniman Blvd.)10. Little Richard Penniman & Edgewood Ave.11. Nussbaum Ave. & Elizabeth St.12. Nussbaum & Plant St.13. Tindall Fields & Tindall Fields Apts.14. Tindall Senior Towers (circular drive)15. Plant St. & Mercer University Dr.16. Mercer University Bridge & Stadium Dr., 17. Stadium Dr. at fountain with steps18. Stadium Dr. & Garden Apts.19. Emily Myers Welcome Center20. Coleman Ave. & Adams St.21. Coleman Ave. & College St.22. College St. & Oglethorpe St.23. First St. & Arch St.24. Hemlock at Luce Heart Center25. Pine St. & First St.26. Second St. & Plum St.27. Second St. & Poplar St.28. Second St. & Cherry St.29. Coliseum Dr. at Fellowship Dr.

30. Front entrance of Coliseum Medical Centers (at hospital ramp): 6:47 a.m. – 7:49, 8:49, 9:49, 10:49, 11:49, 12:49 p.m., 1:49, 2:49, 3:49, 4:49, 5:49 & 6:49 p.m. Disembark at Terminal Station.

Sparky on Second, MTA’s news bus (along with her brother Bolt) – both all electric!!