MTA is excited about our second annual Thanksgiving giveaway. Last year we kicked it off with turkeys. This year, based on the pandemic and practicality, MTA bestowed Kroger Gift Cards on five riders. We congratulate them and wish them and their families a Happy Thanksgiving!

1. Dorothy Ann Ingram: has worked in the dietary department at Coliseum Hospital for 28 years! Quite a record of service. She rides the East Macon bus. We were excited to tell her about MTA’s new bus stop inside Coliseum’s campus on our new electric bus named Sparky.

2. Randy Denmark: Rides Ocmulgee Express to work as a dishwasher at S & S Cafeteria, where he is a new hire.

3. Kathy Dudley: is a longtime MTA rider, more than 4 years and rides the East Macon bus.

4. Rebecca Isaac and her adorable son Caden ride the East Macon bus when in need of transportation. We value and appreciate our riders and wish Dorothy Ann, Randy, Kathy and Rebecca & Caden a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope they’ll enjoy using their Kroger Gift Card from MTA!See the next post about our 5th Kroger gift card winner along with her photo!

5. Sharon Wesley: line supervisor at S & S Cafeteria who rides the Houston Ave. & Chambers Road buses. Ms. Wesley has been employed at S & S Cafeteria for 40 years. We’re blown away by her employment track record! Lovely lady, great story! Congratulations Ms. Sharon! Read more about MTA’s annual Thanksgiving Gift Card Giveaway in the previous post.MTA dispatch supervisor Jeannie Wells presents Sharon Wesley with one of five Kroger gift cards in the lead-up to Thanksgiving.