February 2, 2021

Beginning February 2, 2021 there is a FEDERAL MASK MANDATE for all public transit vehicles, stations & buildings to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

MTA established a mandatory mask policy on April 20, 2020 & will continue to enforce our policy & the federal mandate.

A mask must be worn on MTA property at all times — while waiting for, boarding, traveling on, & disembarking from all MTA buses, & in the Transfer Station & Terminal Station.

Failure to comply with the federal mandate & MTA policy will result in the passenger’s removal from the bus at the next bus stop, or immediately from the Transfer Station or Terminal Station at the discretion of a bus operator, dispatch supervisor, monitor or guard. 

A mask provides mutual protection. It must cover the nose & mouth & be secured on the head before entering a bus, building or MTA sidewalk. 

Unacceptable Face Coverings

Scarves, loosely woven fabric that light can pass through, bandanas, ski masks, balaclavas, or pulling a shirt or sweater over your mouth & nose. Face shields or goggles may be worn over a mask, but not in place of one.

We value & appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this effort to keep our passengers, bus operators, MTA staff, and the public safe. It’s our job & we take pride in our work.