MTA has been hunkering down with sanitizing, disinfecting, mandatory masks & temperature checks since March. We continue to take your safety and ours seriously. Masks are essential to flattening the COVID curve. Science has proven it and scientists and health experts concur. Wearing a mask demonstrates concern and respect for ourselves and others. MTA’s frontline staff — our bus drivers and dispatch supervisors, are heroes and we’re so proud of their daily efforts on behalf of MTA since the pandemic began. MTA started our COVID protocols immediately after our very first meeting on March 4. Macon-Bibb’s first COVID case wasn’t diagnosed until March 19, and the pandemic wasn’t declared until March 23. Few professions have the exposure, risk and danger like our bus drivers and dispatch supervisors, but they come to work every day with a smile and a mask. Here are some of our exemplary drivers, dispatch supervisors & other staff rocking those protective masks!