Continuing Rise in COVID-19 Cases in Bibb County Forces Closure

EFFECTIVE: Thursday, July 16

As COVID-19 cases continue to climb in Bibb County, the Transfer Station in Downtown Macon is closed until further notice.


1. No one enters Transfer Station, except to purchase a Smart Card at the kiosk inside.

2. Smart Card purchases will be handled one rider at a time inside the building.

3. All other ticket purchases & transactions will be handled outside at the MTA supervisor’s window (photos 2/3) which faces Fifth Street, across from the Tubman Museum. At supervisor’s window we sell:

Regular Passes: 4 rides = $5.00 — 10 rides = $12.00 — 20 rides = $20.00 — 31 day passes (regular & seniors) = $50

Senior Passes: 10 rides = $6.00 — 20 rides = $10.00 — 31 day passes (regular & seniors) = $50

Student Passes: Kindergarten – 12th grade: 20 rides = $12.50 

Children: 12 years-old & under ride free

4. Fast, easy, safe & convenient payment option — buy bus tickets on TOKEN TRANSIT smartphone app.

                  a. Download the app.

                  b. Follow prompts to buy a single or multiple tickets.

                  c.  Show bus operator the Token Transit pass (pink cherry blossom – photo 5) & off you go!

5. Transfer Station restrooms are closed.

6. Supervisors are available to assist and answer questions.

7. Reminder: Terminal Station remains closed for essential business only — restrooms closed too.

8. Greyhound passengers must buy tickets INSIDE GREYHOUND OFFICE USING GREYHOUND ENTRANCE.

Craig Ross, MTA CEO explains the decision: “Since the start of the pandemic, MTA has relied on science and common sense and has operated with an abundance of caution. In the past two weeks, the number of COVID-19 cases in Bibb County has steadily, measurably increased. Out of concern for our bus operators, supervisors and riders, we will conduct business outside as much as possible while continuing to serve our riders as we have, uninterrupted since the pandemic began.”