The MTA board of directors met Tuesday, October 27. Highlights included:

1. Progress on the replacement of the Terminal Station roof

2. Delivery of four new Eldorado Passport H-D buses

3. Announcement of the new Second Street Corridor route that’s set to launch in mid-November with one of the new electric buses, either Sparky or Bolt.

4. MTA was approved for $1.4 million in grant funds for two additional electric buses!

5. MTA announces FREE FARE DAY in honor of Election Day 2020 on Tuesday, November 3!

Do your patriotic duty and vote before or on November 3 and ride FREE ride on MTA! OR, if you’ve never ridden MTA, try it for FREE that day.

The 2020 election is being called the most consequential election of our time. In addition to voting for president, Georgia is the ONLY state in the nation electing TWO senators. Additionally, there are two House races in Middle Georgia, District 2 and District 8. This is a critical election for law enforcement in Bibb County as we choose a sheriff. And finally, there are two constitutional amendments and one referendum on the ballot. Lots of reasons to vote. Please cast your ballot!

MTA board meeting in progress on Tuesday, October 27, 2020