The history of public transportation and racial equity, diversity, and inclusion are deeply intertwined. From the Montgomery Bus Boycott to redlined inner-city homes and businesses that were razed in preparation for the creation of the interstate highway system, public transportation has played a vital role in the development and growth of our nation.

Macon-Bibb County Transit Authority is committed to advancing spatial equity by providing equitable access to public spaces and streets through transit-oriented solutions. Above and beyond our public pledge is the commitment to make internal adjustments that address racial equity, diversity, and inclusion within our Authority and in our community.

Standing in solidarity with agencies and communities across our nation we acknowledge that injustice and racism exist and we will invest the time and resources to create opportunities for those most affected by racism. We pledge to work toward creating a community in which race and ethnicity do not determine or limit value, opportunity, or life outcomes.

Macon-Bibb County Transit Authority is Committed to Five Principles

1. Acknowledgement – We acknowledge the existence of racial inequality and are committed to eliminating disparity by continually reassessing how our investments in public transit and transportation address racial equality.

2. Investment – We are dedicated to investing time and resources to create greater opportunities through our Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program.

3. Listening – It has been said those closest to the problem are closest to the solution, but furthest from resources and power, therefore MTA vows to encourage constructive dialogue within our community as we address diversity, equity and inclusion.

4. Engagement – We will seek to affect change while being as inclusive as possible, dedicating ourselves to engagement with a variety of social identities.

5. Movement not a Moment – Macon-Bibb County Transit Authority staff is united in creating opportunities not determined nor predicted by race, racial bias, or racial ideology. The structures, systems, practices, and cultural narratives in our organization will provide true situational fairness and equal opportunity.

The Deloitte Insight Diversity and Inclusion Maturity Scale has provided insight and context for MTA’s recent organizational restructure and the development of the Office of Planning and Engagement. The office will be committed to creating equitable access to opportunities through public transit. The Macon Bibb County Transit Authority is proud to unite behind a common goal to create equal opportunity and social, racial, and economic justice.