A memorable start to the 9/11 weekend with a poignant ceremony by the local Law Enforcement Foundation in downtown Macon on Second and Mulberry Streets. Many thanks to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office and Macon-Bibb County Fire Department for protecting our city/county and its citizens. These photos were taken by Lou Crouch who has been providing photographs to law enforcement in Middle Georgia for many years. Thanks to Lou for his dedication to law enforcement throughout our region. His website: www.picturesbylou.com.

A poignant moment when a Georgia State Patrol helicopter hovers next to the American flag and crossed aerials with the ladder tips touching. This symbolizes the bridge to the next life.

Memorials for local first responders: Former Macon Police Department, Macon-Bibb County Fire Department
and the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. Our community salutes you and appreciates your service and sacrifice.