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How to Ride

Traveling with Macon Transit

Follow these simple steps to make riding MTA buses easy — even for first time riders!

1. Check Your Route and Time Schedule

Check the schedule to determine your route(s) and the times buses are scheduled to run so you know when to catch the bus. We suggest that you arrive at the bus stop at least ten (10) minutes ahead of the scheduled arrival time. The schedules for all MTA routes are included on the printed map.

2. Wait at an Official MTA Bus Stop

MTA buses stop only at designated bus stops which are marked with the sign shown here. Please arrive at the bus stop at least ten (10) minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

3. Check the Destination Sign on Your Bus

On the front of every bus at the top is a large destination sign showing the route name and where the bus travels.  The route name corresponds to the name on the system map. Be sure the name and destination on the bus match the route you have chosen.

4. Pay Your Fare When Boarding

Place the exact fare into the fare box when you board, or swipe your MTA Smart Card. MTA drivers don’t carry change. 

5. Request a Transfer When Boarding

If you need to ride more than one bus to reach your destination, ask the driver for a transfer when paying your fare.

6. Signal the Driver to Stop

When you are at least one to two blocks from your destination, signal the driver to stop by pushing the yellow tape between the windows. If possible, please exit the bus through the rear doors.

7. Transfering to Another Bus

If you need to transfer to a second bus to reach your destination, exit the first bus at the transfer point and wait for the second bus. Give the transfer slip to the driver of the second bus when you board. Transfers are valid for up to two hours (120 minutes) and may only be used to continue a trip in the same general direction. A transfer is not valid for a return trip. 

8. Questions About Riding Fixed Bus Routes?

Call (478) 803-2505 and our friendly MTA staff will be happy to assist you Mon. – Fri. 6:oo a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Service for Persons with Disabilities

All MTA buses are wheelchair accessible

But, if you are unable to access a bus stop or board a fixed route bus due to an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) qualified disability, please call for information about our PARATRANSIT service (478) 803-2521. Our staff is happy to answer questions and assist you.

Please click the button below to access the MTA Paratransit application. You can print the application, complete it, and return it to the MTA office in the Terminal Station on the second floor during business hours 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

To ride a fixed route bus at a discounted rate, a rider must have an MTA identification card. In order to get a card, a rider must complete an application and present three (3) forms of identification.

Acceptable forms of identification include:Government issued photo ID.

  1. Social Security issued document— not a Social Security card. However, the document can include a Social Security award letter.
  2. Medicare or Medicaid card with the name that matches your state or federally issued photo ID.


Questions or additional assistance, please call (478) 803-2500.



Purchase bus tickets and MTA Smart Cards at the dispatch booth in the Terminal Station.


Find bus routes, the location of bus stops and schedules.


The latest info from the MTA. 


Click below for our employment and disability applications.