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How to Ride MTA

bus driverFollow these simple steps and riding MAC will be easy...even for the first time bus rider.

1. Check your route and time schedule.

Check the schedule to determine your route or routes and when you should catch the bus.  The schedules for all MAC routes are included on the printed map.

2. Wait at the signed bus stopBus Stop

MAC buses stop only at designated bus stops, which are marked with the sign shown here.  Please arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before your bus is scheduled to leave. 

3. Check the destination sign

On the front of each bus is a destination sign showing the route name and where the bus is going. The route names correspond to those shown on the system map. Be sure the name and destination on the bus is for the route you have chosen. 

4. Pay your fare when boarding.

Drop the correct fare into the fare box when you board the bus.  Please have exact fare.  MAC drivers do not carry change. 

5. Request a transfer when paying your fare.

If you will need to use more than one bus to reach your destination, ask your driver for a transfer when you pay your fare. Transfers to other MAC buses cost 50 cents.

6. Signal the driver to stop.

When you are one or two blocks from your destination, signal the driver to stop. Push the yellow tape between the windows. If possible, leave the bus by the rear doors.

7. Transfer to another bus, if necessary.

If you need to transfer to another bus to reach your destination, leave the first bus at the transfer point and wait for the second bus. Give the transfer slip to the driver of the second bus when boarding. Transfers are good for up to 60 minutes. Transfers must be used to continue a trip in the same general direction, not for a return trip.

8. Call 478/803-2505 for personal trip planning assistance.

If you have questions about riding MAC, call us Monday through Saturday, 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

9. MTA Service for Persons with Disabilities:

handicappedMTA buses are wheelchair accessible. If you are unable to get to the bus stop or to board the fixed route bus due to an ADA qualified disability, please call for information about our Paratransit Service call 803-2512. 


Seniors (62 and older) may ride at the senior fare by showing an ID indicating age. Persons with disabilities must have a MTA Disability ID or show picture ID with Medicare card.

If you have questions or require additional assistance, please call 478/803-2500.